Thursday, February 2, 2012

Egzekuthor-Hateful Subconscious Demo

Poland never really had a huge thrash scene. Besides bands like Wolf Spider and Dragon, which were were decent, It didn't really have some phenominal bands. While surfing the web, I came across this little demo from a Polish band. The sheer power and energy that Egzekuthor had really shocked me especially after having some dull name. But Egzekuthor delivered some raw thrash in the vein of Kreator, Sadus, Dark Angel and even Morbid Saint.

Firsly, lets examine the general look of the album. This is most definetely death/thrash and not because of the really aggressive riffage. The minor amount of tremolo picking was really a cool element to throw into the mixture. That was an important factor in pulling me towards the album. The first time I heard the song ''Merciful Death (After Merciless Life)'', I knew immedeatly that I had to get this demo. Finding it wasn't too easy, but it really paid off. Anyway onto the vocals. The vocals are really sick, like a rabid crossover between Kreator and Morbid Saint. They are actually slightly high-pitched and very evil sounding. The vocals helped the dark aura around the whole album become even more evil-and that's a good thing.

When we look at the riffs, we see crushing assault of absolutely vicious thrash with the additional tremolo picking throw in it. The riffs are almost none stop speeding and raging throughout the whole album while sometimes changing the tempo to a more mid-paced one. While the brutal and ferocious parts of the riffs are mostly very present, sometimes the riffs may become a little more technical and volatile, so that they don't tire you out. The riffs may seem a bit simple but still very powerful and angry. When combined with the furious barks of the vocalist, the riffage can be devastating. The drumming is also a notable highlight of the album. Albeit they are nothing magnificent, they can surely fit the music well and asurprisingly sound pleasing, unlike other demos of the time.

One snall upside of the album is the fact that the energy fades a bit too quickly, even though the total amount of energy present in the album is fairly decent. After the first two songs the music gets a bit repetetive and less diverse and basicly sound like different variations of the same riffs. Ofcourse this doesn't destroy the entire album, but reduces some of its positive points. The one last thing that is worth mentioning is the itsy-bitsy amount of black metal seen in the music. Along with the traditional black-esque vocals and the tremolo riffage combined with the slightly raw production quality of the album, at times you may feel a black metal vibe from the band-but nothing too present.

In the end Egzekuthor actually produced a very good demo(which was also released as an album in 2010 in the same name), with vicious vocals and riffs a good effort trying to relive the heydays of brutal thrash gods like Morbid Saint and Kreator. And this demo is especially good for being brough by such an obscure band from Poland.

Merciful Death(After Merciless Life)
Degenarated Madness


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