Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ghost Story-The Image And The Reality Demo

My, my, my, what a nice piece of speed/thrash do we have here. The Image And The Reality is a marvelous five song demo filled with speed and energy. Despite coming from the USA these guys never got the respect they deserved. After going through a bunch of fairly decent demos, I finally come across this mini-masterpiece to top them all. This demo is certainly not the thrashiest or heaviest demo out there but it certainly has a high amount of energy to keep you entertained throughout 5 songs. Having a rather melodic to their music, Ghost Story certainly put out a demo that will ring in your ears for many years.

You even have a hint of traditional metal thrown into this mixture of speed/thrash and power metal. Although the power influence is not as prevelant as the thrash influence, it's quite possible to hear it in the epic-esque choruses guided by some powerful chords from behind. Now, the tracks may not so heavy or brutal but they certainly possess a shitloads of ferocity and agrression and along with rampaging riffs the energy that these guys create is undeniable. These riffs are enough to drive anyone totally mad and headband their necks out, but at the same time showing some supreme musicianship.
On the other side of the spectrum you can hear, melodisized riffs and a less harsh vocal performance to soften things down. The riffs on the demo are nothing totally exeptional but will get you headbanging fast and will show their effect in mere seconds. Also showing technical brillinaces at times, the demo will never cease to grow on you. As you listen more and more to the record, you will like it more and more and will slowly become addicted to it, like alcohol or cigarattes. The uncontrallable riffs will slowly build on you and you will erupt in a frenzy, thus breaking your neck.

Another thing that I wan't to touch on is the great deal of musicianship going on here. The riffs are not really too technical and easy to comprehend and sometimes you will feel that they remind you of some old heavy and power metal bands. the leads erally rip and carry alot of melody, but also know when they need to go a harsher road. There is alot of power metal-ish group singing on the album which magnifies the epic touch of the demo. The riffs are also really crunchy and catchy and with a healthy dose of epic power metal riffage, will sound unrelentingly beautiful. The music even has a happy and jumpy feel to it at times, which will get you hopping and singing along in no time. This is highly displayed in the song ''I Won't Change''. There are also very soft and ballad-ish parts in the songs, but they don't ruin the whole song by making it sound repetetively dumb, instead, the music quickly fastens up its pace and suddenly turn into the jumpy riffs that you were listening twenty seconds ago.

The vocalist does and fine fine job in this album, it sounds nothing absolutely outstanding but he finds a way to make the music even more convincing, albeit the music alone is huge highlight. He can sing mellow murmours and than suddenly turn into a guy shouting about how he won't change. Because most of the bands vital energy is hidden in him, he is a crucial element to the band, unlike many bands who sound better without their vocalists.

Overall, Ghost Story's sophomore release has definetely convinced and many other people probably, although this is a criminally underrated piece of pure old school speed/thrash with atiny doze of power metal. It is certainly a vivacious demo, dynamic, fast and aggressive. No old school thrash fan should do without this demo, especially if they are searching for one of the purest thrash demos out there that even reflect the 70's punk energy with a fresh and melodic sound.

I Won't Change
What Few Even Dare
Silent Masses

Rating: 90%

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