Thursday, February 23, 2012

Graveyard-Alter Of Sculpted Skulls

Graveyard have proved to be worthy of being in 2012's finest DM albums/Ep's list. Despite this being an EP, is only a few songs short of an album. They have a good label, great songs and good production quality, so what are you waiting for Graveyard? Bring us and album! Graveyard's brand of loomy and doomy old school death metal has pulled me towards it like a magnet. A totally sinister and forlorn feel shrouds the whole album within a pitch-dark cloak and alters the whole atmosphere for listeners. But despite being so doomy, Graveyard can also be equally brutal and pulverising and even surprisingly technical, to sum up to a punishing deliverance of old school death metal played in thrashy and melodic sense.

It strikes me again and again to think these guys are from Spain, a country certainly not filled with some refreshing metal. But like Electrocution, Graveyard have crushed all laws to deliver everyone that good metal can come from pretty much anywhere. While a darkened cloud of mystery and death is always on top of things, noone can disgaree that this is not quite what you would expect when you hear an old school death metal album. First of all the production is quite clean though sometimes fast paced complex riffage may overpower the rest of the album and end up in a chaotic void. But this fortunately rarely happens, and usually doesen't even occur if you are listening to this in a quite place. The riffs are usually top notch tremolo assaults played pretty melodically. Verses are chord-driven in general, with powerful blast progressively leading the vocals. The enrgy is certainly there, though it may sometimes feel as if fading in especially the doomy sections of the album, but is actually just building for something big and explosive.

Graveyard actually play in the vein of many old school Swedeath bandsi especially when you take a look at the progressing tremolo riffing and the ominiously cryptic atmosphere of the album. Though the guitars don't by any means have the traditional Swedish chainsaw guitar tone, the instrumentation in general is quite Swedish-esque in terms of death metal and any OSSDM fan will instantly adore this. Songs like the title track have a really energetic feel to them and can easily get a hold of you as it will suck you towards the music. The title track is filled with crushing mid-paced riffage and somewhat evil sounding melodicism. The solos on this album are an exception when it comes to old school aswel. They are not shredding solos of any sort but actually pretty bluesy and fun. Sometimes they can be forlorn melodies to fit the music at the back aswel. The drumming is precise and well done, though it does not stand out as much as the riffs or vocals. The drummer can play with some nice technique and stays true to the old school style, and doesen't just thunderously beat his snare. The vocal delivery is magnificent as the vocalist does and slightly distinctive style of his own, mixing some Brazilian savagery, some doomy growls and the classic Swedeath vocal work. he can sing over both heavy rythms and nice melodies, both dome quite well. He has a sinister feel just like the album and sometimes his tone can alter into low-pitched shriek-growls king of like Chris Barns with his early work on Corpse.

The final statement is blatantly obvious here; Graveyard is definetely on the way of becoming a great band, playing some thrashy old school Swedeath just as it was two decades ago. I am certainly awaiting a full-lenght, it will  be one of the most anticipated DM releases of 2012, if it does come in time that is. This 6-track Ep has melody, technicaly, pounding and thunderous music and veins overflowing with old school goodness. It is actually just a few songs away from an extremely solid modern DM release.

Alter of Sculpted Skulls

Rating: 88%

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