Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Interment-Where Death Will Increase Demo

If your into death metal than you already know that the old school scenes were the very best. And you would know that Sweden had some of the finest bands to offer in that time. Monsters like Unleashed, Dismember, Entombed and Carnage dominated these lands and laid waste to every place to they went. But there is also an abundance of really nderrated gems which released no more than maybe a couple of demos and called it quits. Interment is a perfect example of these bands. Their brand of dark and loomy death metal played in the traditional Sewedish ways was really enough for me to give this demo a nice review.

There is nothing really outstanding here. If you're familiar with that dirty, beefy and buzzing Swedish sound, then you won't be by any means baffled when you hear this. These guys play their death metal just like any other Swedish band really. Dark, mysterious and heavy. The production of the demo is certainly not the very best but it sounds pretty heavy and all the instruments are actually pretty audiable. The riffs have a good amount of thrash influences, waging from from tremolo riffage to some breakneck heavy thrash, well-supported with the heavy production. There are three songs in the whole demo, well four if you consider the creepy intro, and all of them are heavy and brutal as hell. Nothing very original or exeptional but something that can really put a smile on your face if you like Swedeath. The vocals are another cool bit, having a beefy and powerful voice, the vocalist can spread menace just as fast as the guitarists. His voice sometimes reminds of Grave's vocalist, with maybe a very small bit of blackness. The drums are also precise and stand out well, since the drummer likes to use some more technique rather than straightforward blast beats.

If you like the sinister and darkened sound of the old school Swedish death metal bands, you might aswel give this album a couple of spins for some nostalgia since it's pretty short. As I have stated above, this is nothing truely outstanding, but it is something worth listening for the sake of some nostalgia. It's a very good all-arounder, filled with stomping riffs and a cryptic atmosphere, and I could expect nothing more from such an underrated band.

Infestering Flesh
Morbid Death

Rating: 86%

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