Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mutant-Laserdome EP

Mutant are a four-piece thrash band from England, playing some of the most diverse and original thrash around. Taking spacey or futuristic themes into their lyrical content, they managed to make a pretty cool album. Sometimes they want you to have abit of that futuristic taste, so they add special effects to the music for the sake of it. Even the riffs sounds rather ''Cyborgian'' at times andsometimes I can really forget that this is so called straightforward thrash metal. How very very, very untrue.

The great thing about this band is that they're super melodic and catchy and are also very tight. They don't play like any other stereotypical retro-thrash bands, and that's whats great about them. They can be just as fierce as some, just as technical as some and just as tight as surely any big thrash band out there, but for some reason they sound different. The melodicism and technicalty are so consistent on this EP, that it's just phenominal. And adding a few chords and palm mutes just makes the songs even tighter and crunchier. Another great mention is that these guys play their instruments in a very controlled way. It almost feels like you are in some sort of laserdome that keeps steady during the whole listen. The music is good enough to keep you entertained troughout the whole record, unlike some bands who fail to keep you awake. The production is also great and tight, but that's not much of a shock since pretty much no thrash band releases an album with shitty production, well unless its a demo that is.

When I say the music is melodic, I don't mean the whole EP is just a piece of classical music played on guitar. I mena, the music has a ton of thrash traits and will definetely get you headbanging fast. The opening riff on ''Turbo Hyper Ultra Mega Power'' is still one the best inro riffs in metal for me. And I'm not exaggerating one bit, that riff is an instant win. Melodic crunchiness and pounding drums will be enough to create a headbanging infection. The vocals are full of energya nd along with group shouts, the EP can keep you really entertained. The songs are also progressive, especially with the riffs at the background creating a menacing atmosphere. The leads are also very melodic and marmonious and played just beautifully. The modern sound of the album is not fr everyone, but albeit I am not the biggest modern metal fan, I quite enjoyed this twenty-minute ride.

Mutant come from the UK, which had a thrash that many other scenes would have been envious of. Unfortunately this scene was never really exploited to the many people, besides Sabbat and Onslaght. A new scene is rising, bands like Gamma Bomb, Warpath and Sharpnel coming out of the woodwork to deliver thrashers a good meal. And no doubt one day, Mutant will be one of the leaders of those bands.

Scrap Brain Zone
Turbo Hyper Ultra Mega Power

Rating: 88,5%

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