Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stygian-Lines In The Sand Demo

How about some top notch power/thrash? Or some catchy thrash? Well, Stygian have both of these in their music. Stygian play some of the best power/speed/thrash around. And their 1991 demo is the damnable evidence. I loved their 1992 debut album, but demos always have a great feel to them, and this demo is certainly no exeption. This totally intense and melodically groovy thrash will pump your brains out with it's catchiness and  superb riffage. Despite the year being 1991, the music sounds as if it could have easily fitted in the early to mid-nineties. Like Ghost Story, Stygian has a traditional power/heavy feel, only played faster and thrashier.

This headbangably terrific five-song is brilliant all the way. It has some dynamic riffage, solid vocal delivery, clean production and intense drumming. There lots of glimpses of technicalty in the album, though not too prevelent. The riffs are somewhat bluesy and very energetically played, especially along the vocals guiding them. As I said before, this demo can be compared to Ghost Story's ''The Image and The Reality'' demo in many ways such as the energy, the feel and the overall mganificence. The beautifully forged solos are full of melody and feeling, and when supported by the fast paced speed metal riffs, they can truely make a difference. Although at times you may get a somewhat pessimistic and dark feel from this demo, overall the music is actually quite the opposite and very fun to headbang to. The vocals are also very solid and though nothing too special, are very decent in terms of keeping the songs dynamic and fun. This crucial factor is actually something that many bands lack-keeping the listener entertained the whole album through. But Styian display their stamina and strangth in a great way. The real vocal highlight is when he sings his lungs out on the ballad-verse bridge riff on ''The Switch''.

 It can be the ballad-ish approach of the song ''The Switch'' or perhaps blazing solos that  highlight the whole demo, either way you will not regret giving this angry and lively demo a listen. Any fan of thrash metal, speed metal and even power metal will no doubt love this demo. And for people who truely enjoy this, I can also suggest their 1992 full-lenght ''Planetary Destruction'' and Ghost Story's demo aformentioned above.

The Switch
The Preacher and The Politician
Lines In The Sand

Rating: 87%

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