Friday, February 10, 2012

Electrocution-Inside The Unreal

Among all the great DM bands who came from Florida, Germany, The Netherlands or Sweeden this one had to come from Italy. Italy? Did Italy even have any sort of proper metal scene? Not as far as I know. But for some odd reason Italy gave birth to this OSDM band Electrocution, and they gave birth to a highly overlooked landmark album-''Inside The Unreal''. Now the riffs are rather in the vein of their US counterparts however later Electrocution turned even more technical. Supposing they very technical in this album also. The album has 10 atrocious songs, all equally technical and brutal and equally effective.

Due to the huge thrash and USDM influences, It's hard to say that the band had a very distinctive style of their own. However they possessed the technical talent that many bands failed to have and that was a really how they got they fairly unique sound. Now this is certainly not straightforward death metal, even though the vocals sound as if they are. However it not shocking that someone would find this piece of music in the more extreme genres of metal. I say there are thrash influences, but I never said that there weren't any death influences. The tremolo pickings and doomy stomps are all taken from DM but the technical musicianship and thrash riffs wipe most of that away, so you get a magnificently dark, rotting, heavy and harmony laden album. There is also a display of Cannibal Corpse influence and the music may even turn into a Brutal DM direction. But most of the riffs are basically based on the things listed above.

For such and obscure group, crappy record label and early year the production is just very decent. The guitars have a sort of buzzsaw sound, although it is not present and the drums are also a great stand out for me. The drummer can shred it up on the drums, finding the right beat anytime and using his bass-drums on standard beats aswel as brutal tremolos. The album has a great feel that I can't quite explain on plain paper. It's like the catchiness and brain-pumping heaviness combine along with the bashing drums to form this really head-bangable riff medley. The level of intensity is absolutely monstrous, as it never strays from its path.

All of the songs are brain-meltingly brutal and will pumel your face on the ground and rip your guts to shreds. All 10 songs have some bone-cracking solos in them, and the musicianship tirelessly increases which the icing on the cake. The vocals are how DM vocals should be. Not very aggressive, slightly doomy even or melancholic but it fits the music and that is all that matters. There lots of fast tempo changes, to spice things up and the riffs are the perfect instruments in doing that. Some may be simplistic like the intro/verse riffs on ''Behind The Truth'' but are always furious and crushing espeacially when the production adds a small dose of additinal thickness. One of the best tracks on the album is without doubt ''Bells of the End''. It is abit longer than only three minutes but is a proggressively fierce track. It kicks off with a catchy riff then onto a brutal tremolo assault. The vocals are perhaps the most ferocious that they've been and sing with absolute anger and abhorrence.

From the creepy intro of ''Premature Burial'' to the blazing solo of ''Bells of the End'' which marks the end of the album, Inside The Unreal is a feast for anyone who loves their OSDM creepy, heavy and technical. It gives me pain to think how this four-piece never made it to the big legues along with Death or Cannibal Corpse. Such talent and musical genius was wasted on nothing just because the band came from a Latin country and got signed to a shitty label. It is truely a sad to endure how this masterpiece can only fall into the hands of a rare collector.

Bells of the End
Back To The Leprosy Death
Growing Into The Flesh
Rising Of Infection

Rating: 97%

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