Sunday, February 26, 2012

Macabra-Blood-Nurtured Nature

Macabra have showed they are among the better Autopsy/Incantation worshipping bands and for a good reason. These guys are an international Belgian/American collaboration that totally perfect the old school sound of the grotesque. Their brand of Auotopsy worshipping doomy and mid-paced death metal is certainly a very nice treat for any OSDM fan. While this may seem different compared to many Swedeath worshippers, it has a fithy album indulged in dirt and all elements needed to make an album sound evil and vile. As irritative as this may sound to many, for those who enjoy it is certainly more than just appealing.

This journey of thrash-tinged OSDM is almost directly connected to the likes of Autopsy, Incantation, Cianide and early Death in many ways. It's meaty guitar tone is one great highlights from the start. The guitars are filthy, but are not as distorted as many other other bands. In fact the guitars have a somewhat appealing sound with their crunchy and chunky tone. The tone is crucial in this here album. It is pretty ''Polish Free''  much like other bands which try this sound. The guitars use the occasional pinch harmonics very frequently to produce a sort of horrific atmosphere, altered by a the dominant and peculiar guitar tone. The songs resemble Autopsy so much that besides a few changes, it would be as if the listener was listening to ''Mental Funeral'' in all ways, not just riffs. Even though the album is sloppy and doomy, there is actually lots of energy hidden inside it. The riffs have high amount of energy especially when guided with the vocals. This most probably because the don't sound muddy at all. The riffs may take alternative directions, sometimes a heavy thrash riffs and sometimes doomy passages leading to goosebumps.

The vocals can be a constant reminder of Autopsy aswel, though not as much as the riffs. They are smothered and raspy and alter between simple, gutturally harsh growls and Autopsy-esque grating shreiks. This can form an interesting experience for the listener. While at times the listener may get a crushing and forlorn vibe from the music, sometimes this may alternate to an onslaught of face-crushing riffs, sustained by the more high-pitched vocal delivery. While the riffs may blazon to  a common listener, the drums are just as conspicious and important. Since the general aura of the music creates an often dark ambient, many may skip the drums, however little do they know that the drums are equally crucial here. The drums play with teqnique and scarcely do blast-beats since the overall tempo of the music is slow or mid-paced. They sound very clear and could be heard well throughout the album. The only place where a listener may actually pay attention to the drums is when the synthesizers arrive, which isn't something that doesen't occur too often. But at the end, the drums boast the overall quality a lot, even though for some this may be nothing more than a subsconscious feeling.
That is a great shame because the drums are fantastically elaborated and worked out to the tiniest detail.

This ridicolously macabre album is definetely a keeper, especially considering the best DM albums of 2012. It's filthy way of fusing Autopsy-esque riff-fests with thrashiness and a weird piano/synthesizer ambient is an interesting sight for many metalheads, though the ambient is not too pervasive, which doesen't bother me at all. This fine slab of doomy, sloppy OSDM is promising and carries all the beauties of the early nineties death/doom sound. This album will surely please the appetite of a voracious OSDM freak and will indulge him/her in a monstrous bath of blood, gore and wonderful grotesqueires.

Hominal Feel Diggers
Life Is The Symptom
Consuming The Fleshy Wax

Rating: 88,5%

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