Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dismemberment-Perpetual Malice Single

How lucky was I to find this 4-piece band while searching on the web. After I heard this song, I knew I had to get more, so I ended up getting thier EP aswel! Dismemberment play in the vein of Desater, Sarcofago and Destroyer 666 and are one of those new black/thrash bands which will become very important in the future. Along with bands like Horrid, Hellcannon and Ketzer, Dismemberment are a promising black/thrash band.

Although they might sound pretty similar to the bands, listed above, they actually have a fairly distintive sound of their own. Adding elements of death metal to their music, makes the music only more aggressive and more heavy. This sub-genre is no genre but the infamous blackened death/thrash or black/death/thrash as some may call it. It is a voracious genre that emphasizes the epic and dark feel of black, the aggresiveness of death and the speed and brutality of thrash. Dismemberment perfectly combined these elements and created a monstrous song-no diffrent than the ones on the EP. The riffs are technical and heavy and carry the traits of black metal. Filled with open tremolos, chughs or technical riffage and when combined with the twisted black/death vocals, the song can be indeed menacing.

This song and their EP ''The Condamned'' allowed Dsimemberment install themselves as the new kings of black/trash. I am definetely waiting for their first full-lenght, which will shake the world of black/thrash.

Perpetual Malice

Rating: 88%

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