Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crucified Mortals-Crucified Mortals

Crucified Mortals was formed around 2001 and have released their first full-lenght in 2011. They produce some straightforward break-neck thrash metal with an aggressive death metal attitude and glimpses of melody and technicalty thrown in different places to boast the overall quality of the riffs. This is some fast, yet nicely done energetic thrash metal played in it's most simple way. Not too repetetive but not too original either, this makes a fine album for any fan of thrash metal who like to bang their heads and destroy everything in their past.

The riffs are crushing and have blended with nice melodies to create slightly different. The hefty riffage is certainly the best part of the album, since the album is pretty much made up of these sort of riffs.The energy is highly prevalent in the riffs but after some time they seem to tire you. Because despite being so poundingly heavy, Crucified Mortals have all their energy hidden inside their riffage. The riffs perform perfect until the very end, however the same dynamic approach that it had at the beginning starts to fade near the end of the album. The good news is that if you want something to just bang your head to, then this is your thing. ''Fatal Scheme'' has a somewhat nicely done melodic and techy approach to the music, that which has accomplished to muster a fair amount of energy into the album to make it sound more lively. In ways this does sound pretty old school, with some of the bands fairly unque sound thrown in for a very small amount. It resembles ''Assorted Heap'' or ''Archic Torse'' in terms of the style of riffage.

As I said the overall sound is pretty much the same throughout the whole album, so there is just simple onslaughts of thrash. Sometimes the songs may take a slightly death-esque direction, with their generic thrash attack sometimes changing abruptly into a proggressing death metal tremolo chug. These tremolos only prolong for a small amount of time, but are able to capture the listeners attantion throughout their short livespawn with their descending sound. The drums are always upbeat, though sometimes it seems as if the guitars outpower them. But no need to panic, since sections like these are scarcely existent. The drums sound abit sloppy at times but overall they fit the music well as long as the riffs don't get too complex. And the vocals, which is the final thing I want to put my finger on, are clear and the lyrics can always be heard. The vocalist blends some simple, pumping thrash energy with a slightly distinct death metal tone, creating something that is quite convenient riffwise. Overall they are just like the drums, well done however nothing phenominal.

Crucified Mortals is a durable effort that is solidly constucted. The biggest gap here is the lack of originality, since there is a little amount prevelant. But once you put all these factors aside, you get an aggressive assault of simply solid thrash metal with some death metal influences here and there to help raise the overall quality. This is a fine album that can be glorified by any die-hard thrash fan, but for a typical extreme metal metalhead it a decent effort yet still able to create a certain amount energy that is large enough to get a 75% at the least.

Fatal Scheme
Ghastly Affliction

Rating: 83%

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